What is this?
The tool before you has been made to facilitate the process of learning the original Chinese names of the Wu Tai Chi Chuan style's movements.

Why learn the Chinese names?
There are well over 200 indigenous languages and dialects in Europe and 6,800 known languages in the world. Even if we would restrict ourselves to the 11 official languages of the European Union (Spanish, Danish, German, Greek, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Finnish and Swedish) we would still have our hands (and mouths) full! The original Chinese names of the Wu Tai Chi Chuan style's movements could act as a common frame of reference when people of different tongues would train together.

How to use the Tool

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A picture can say more than a thousand words.
The names in MP3 format have been compressed with WinZip and can be downloaded from the download section on this page. The Danish branch of EWTC recommends the WinAmp player.

Behind the Tool
This tool of learning was not conceived as a stand alone product, but as a supplement to the book:
Wagner, Nina and Klüfer, Werner. 2000. Wu Tai Chi Chuan - Ma Jiangbao : The Slow Form.
Germany : MACH:ART. Originally published in 1996.
ISBN 3-932330-12-9
Contact: for further information on how to purchase the book.