Virtua Fighter on Arcade/Gamebox.

In 1993 Virtua Fighter was released by Sega. It was an innovative game in two areas:

1. Because it was the first martial arts simulator to feature full 3D graphics.
2. Because it really attempted to simulate martial arts.

The styles of the various characters were actually based on real existing martial art styles. Because of this blocking and dodging became a vital part of the game unlike most martial art games where executing spectacular attack combinations was the goal. This made the game harder to learn, but it also offered a more interesting game experience for the patient player. Many games were inspired by Virtua Fighter such as Tekken, Street Fighter EX, as well as a number of sequels by Sega: Virtua Fighter II (1995), III (1996) og IV (2002).

Virtua Fighter on the PC.

Sega was reluctant to release Virtua Fighter for the PC, knowing that the PC anno 1993 did not have the power to handle the, for the time, extremely fast 3D graphics. In 1996 the situation had changed and Virtua Fighter was released for the PC. In 1997 Virtua Fighter II was released for the PC as well. Virtua Fighter III and Virtua Fighter IV have not yet been released for the PC.

This site is mainly concerned with Virtua Fighter II for the PC.