A site filled with great links and VF2 documents:
Taylor Bastien's VF2 Ringside

A nice VF2 site on the net:
T. Hess's Virtua Fighter Page

A cute and informative site about Shun-Di:
JIJII fan page in Japan

Link to very useful movelists and more:
About Page on Virtua Fighter II

Tabel of weight classes in boxing (1 Kilogram = 2,2046 Pound):
Boxing weights

An interesting VF 1 og 2 site:
JEK's Fighters' Megamix

A general VF Fan "Hot-Spot" mostly about VF3 og VF4 though:
Virtua Fighter.com

Amazon in England where I bought my own copy of VF2:

Download a number of VF midis. Among them the vf2lion.mid by "The Parasol" used on this site:
Sega Saturn Music