Behind Tiggy Albums and Lyrics Links

Hi Tiggyfans!
Well, I am not quite sure about calling "Tiggy Frame" a "Tiggy Fansite", since I do not have the knowledge nor the material to build a Tiggy site. Then why have I tried anyway? Well, it all started in 1997, when Tiggy's first CD "Fairytales" came out and was a HUGE success. Back then I listened to the CD in a musicshop. I liked it, but did not buy it. Five years later (2003) I came upon "Fairytales" on a book and music sale in Copenhagen. I bought the CD and went home to listen it through. It should not come as a surprise to the reader, when I say, that I rediscovered what a great popalbum "Fairytales" was and still is. Full of excitement I rushed to the net in order to look through the numerous websites dedicated to Tiggy, which I was certain, had to exist. I was, however, rather disappointed to find, that there was not a single Tiggywebsite on the entire net... Something had to be done about that, which is why I built the "Tiggy Frame". It is called Tiggy Frame, because it is about Tiggy and in the past it used Frames :-)

I hope you will enjoy your visit.