How to write the Gargish and Druidic Letters of the "Ultima Normal (i.e. gargish.ttf)" Font.

On popular demand I have written this small user guide for the "Ultima Normal (i.e. gargish.ttf)" font describing how to write the Gargish and Druidic letters. This is not the only way to write the Gargish or Druidic letters, but only one among a number of possibilities, which you may discover by playing with the "Ultima Normal (i.e. gargish.ttf)" font yourself.

How to write the Gargish letters.

The first thing to remember is, that Gargish has only small letters i.e. lower case letters. Every time you try to write upper case letters with the "Ultima Normal (i.e. gargish.ttf)" font you write a Britannian Druidical rune and not a Gargish letter.

Now, before I give you the "The Gargish Letter Key" in hand, let me explain how it works.
Let us use the Gargish letter as an example.

(kl) q

This means that the gargish letter corresponds to a combination of the latin letters "kl" and that you have to push the letter "q" on your keyboard in order to write this gargish letter.
When it comes to the gargish letters of  { | } ~ w x  i.e. "gl" "hl" "nl" "ny" "sh" and "zh" you will see, that the way to write them is indicated by an "alt" command plus a number e.g. alt+123. This is a Unicode reference number.

How do I write unicode letters?.
To write unicode letters is very easy. First make sure "numlock" is on. There is a key on the keyboard, which is named "numlock" and which is used only to turn numlock on and off. Once numlock is on you can begin to write unicode letters.
In order to write an unicode letter push the "alt" key and keep it pressed down. Now enter the number e.g. 123. When you have entered the number release the alt key anew and the unicode letter will appear.

I did exactly as you said, but no unicode letter appeared. What did I do wrong?
It is important to use the right number keys on the keyboard to enter the unicode number. On the keyboard there are two sets of number keys. One set is normally located right above the letter keys and another set is located just below the "numlock" key. It is the number keys located just below the "numlock" key, which you have to use in order to enter a unicode number.
The "numlock" key and the number keys, which are used together with the "numlock" key are usually located on the right side of the keyboard.

The Gargish Letter Key.

a b c d e f
(a) a (b) b (c) c (d) d (e) e (f) f
g { h | i j
(g) g (gl) alt+123 (h) h (hl) alt+124 (i) i (j) j
k q l m n y
(k) k (kl) q (l) l (m) m (n) n (ng) y
} ~ o p r s
(nl) alt+125 (ny) alt+126 (o) o (p) p (r) r (s) s
w t u v z x
(sh) alt+119 (t) t (u) u (v) v (z) z (zh) x
. ,
. ,

How to write the Druidic Rune letters.

As said above the druidic rune letters are mainly written by typing upper case letters. There are however a few exceptions, as shall be seen from the letter key below. Thus if you have understood how the gargish letter key worked you should have no problems understanding the druidic rune letter key.

The Druidic Rune Letter Key.

(a) A (b) B (c) C (d) D (e) E (f) F
(g) G (h) H (i) I (j) J (k) K (l) L
(m) M (n) N (o) O (p) P (q) Q (r) R
(s) S (t) T (u) U (v) V (w) W (x) X
Y Z [ \ ] ^
(y) Y (z) Z (th) alt+347 (ee) alt+348 (ng) alt+349 (ea) alt+350
(st) alt+351