Voices of Britannia

Ultima I - The First Age of Darkness

Ultima II - Revenge of the Enchantress

Ultima III - Exodus

Ultima IV - Quest of the Avatar

Ultima V - Warriors of Destiny

Ultima VI - The False Prophet

Ultima VII - The Black Gate & Forge of Virtue

Ultima VII part II - Serpent's Isle & Silver Seed

Ultima VIII - Pagan

Ultima IX - Ascension

Welcome O Seeker to my Lair.
Bother me not with thy mortal coils, for to me the lives of men are like a shooting star and the lives of fairies and elves like a single day. I have seen empires raise and fall. I have seen continents form and disappear, but among the numerous voices there was only one who earned my respect and fear. Of this stranger, of this traveller from the stars, of his time and history I will speak, so thou hast better listen!

Tomes of Britannia

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