THE PLAYER MAZE - How to get there

There is one more way leading to the player maze i.e. by becoming a disciple of Aoskar (Is done in the broken temple of Aoskar found in the south eastern conor of the Alley of Dangerous Angles)

RAVEL'S MAZE - Ravel's Secret Garden

Ravel's Secret Garden: There are two ways which Ravel's Secret Garden can be entered:

1. During conversation with Ravel you can get a lock of her hair. This lock of hair is the portal key. The portal is found in the centre of the maze close to where you battle Ravel. More precisely it is placed under the tree, which has been bent down to the ground, thus forming an arch (Mouse Position: X=2330 Y=1969, Area: AR0610). There are more such arches made from bent down trees, yet it is the one south of the largest "tree arch".

2. By dying after you have had the conversation with Ravel. Upon resurrection you will awaken inside the secret garden. You will be able to leave the garden, but you cannot re-enter it unless you got Ravel's lock of hair during conversation. Ravel will not leave the lock of hair as loot upon death. Through conversation is the only way to get it.

There are three dead patches of odd vegetation in the Secret Garden. If you asked Ravel nicely enough to teach you some of her magical art she gave you three black barbed seeds. These three seeds can be used with the three patches and thus be shaped into three Black Barbed Wands. More important is probably, that you can rest in this Secret Garden and thus regain your strength if it was exhausted during the battle with Ravel.

CARCERI - "Celestial Fire"

A less bloody way of getting "Celestial Fire" is to have Annah use pickpocket (thief-skill) on Trias before the battle. Even if you are a thief yourself you cannot do this since the conversation will begin as soon as you approach Trias. Furthermore you cannot pickpocket "Reds" i.e. aggresive characters. Using Annah to pickpocket Trias will give you not only "Celestial Fire" and the "Celestial Host" spell, but also a gold ring and such to sell for jink. "Celestial Fire" is great if you use melee weapons at all, since it can be shaped into any weapon the first time you use it (right click on it in the inventory and use it. It cannot be equipped until this has been done)

FORTRESS OF REGRETS - The hidden rations

Just behind the statue to the north east of the entrance a sounding stone can be found, which was placed there by the practical incarnation. In the message held by the stone and activated by using the stone from your inventory, he mentions some rations hidden in the room next to a statue. These rations are found right next to the statue to the south west of the entrance. It is the statue, which touches it's heart and looks like it performs a speech. (Mouse position: x=435 Y=1247 Area: AR1202). The rations consist of 3 heart charms, 1 blood fly charm, 1 bone charm and 1 charcoal charm.