The Rule of Three

The rule of three plays a significant role in Planescape Torment, which I find most intriguing. I have thus collected as many examples of the rule of thee I could find and think of. Please feel free to contact me if you can think of or have discovered more.

Note: This section is still a work in progress.

The enemies three Deionarra foresaw:
Trias (neutral evil), Ravel (lawful evil), Fhjull Forked Tongue (lawful evil)
Trias = good turned evil
Ravel = Neutral turned by love into aiding TNO who was either good or evil
Fhjull Forked Tongue = evil turned good due to a lie uttered by a normally good creature

Alley of dangerous angels:
Krystall (neutral good), Black Rose (pure neutral), Rotten William (neutral evil)

The weeping catacombs:
Hargrimm (good), Stale Mary (neutral), Acaste (evil)

Pharod (lawful neutral), Hargrimm (pure Neutral), Many-As-One (neutral evil)

black smith, pharmacon, lady

Man saving the junkyardman (good), man against politicians (neutral), demon lady (evil)

Curst dungeon:
hermit (good), thief (neutral), demon (evil)

The Trial of Impulse:
Good incarnation (Good), Practical incarnation (Neutral), Paranoid incarnation (Evil)

Damage: 6-15 Piercing
Special: Head Splits into Three on Impact
Speed: 10
Weight: 0
Proficiency: Missiles

These crossbow bolts are the work of a twisted mechanical genius. Just beneath the head of each bolt is a small catch, that when pressed, unlocks the head of the bolt, allowing it to divide. From what you can tell, once the bolts are unlocked, the pyramid-shaped heads are carefully fashioned so that each one splits into three on impact. Each triangle-shaped fragment then tears a different route through the target's body, wreaking havoc on his internal organs.

Minor Copper Blessing
Weight: 0

You received this small earring from folding a note in the mouth of one of the walking corpses in the Mortuary. It's a beautiful earring, but despite its beauty, all it seems to do is remind you how strange this world you've woken up in is.

This earring carries a minor blessing from one of the gods of wealth on some backwater prime world; when held in the hand and the word "copper" is whispered, it gives the wearer 33 copper commons. This blessing can be used three times before the enchantment is exhausted.

Invokes "Blindness"
Weight: 0

These three cranium rat tails have been woven into a small charm. Despite the separation from their owners, however, they still twitch occasionally, as if irritated.

To use this charm, the caster must select a target within his line of sight, then, while remaining focused on the target, untie the charm. The target's vision will turn black for several minutes, rendering them helpless and reducing their combat ability drastically.