The computer game "Planescape : Torment" was during 1999 developed by Black Isle Studios (a division of Interplay) for the PC-Windows platform. It was based on the 3rd edition of the D&D ruleset and set in the "Planescape" multiverse. BioWare's "Infinity Engine" was used to handle the graphical side of the game. With its complex storyline and main focus on conversation, Planescape : Torment represented a much longed for return to the roots of computer RPGs. The story was written by Chris Avellone while the atmospheric music of the game was written by Mark Morgan. The story of Planescape : Torment evolved around the main character "The Nameless One"'s recovery from loss of memory (amnesia). By playing through the game the player was little by little able to piece together The Nameless One's past. In the end the player would understand much about who The Nameless One had been in the past and of course, who he had been while the player himself/herself had controlled him. On the basis of this knowledge the player had to determine the fate of The Nameless One thus answering the question "What can Change the Nature of a Man?".