Bud Redhead
The potential hero of Rachel and the character you control in the game. Bud is deeply in love with Rachel, but lacks the courage to tell her. Just as he is about to tell her, Rachel is kidnapped by Feyatta. Luckily Bud does not lack the courage to try to save her. Despite his wish to save Rachel, Bud does not feel comfortable with Zark and Kraz. They are very willing to send Bud chasing after Feyatta through time. Yet, will that plan save Rachel?

As the story opens Rachel is kidnapped by Feyatta and Bud must overcome many tests and hardships, if he wants to see her again. Alike Bud, Rachel seems to lack the courage to speak openly about her feelings, for she has neither told Bud that she loves him. How tragic it is, that we hesitate, when it comes to love, but press on when it comes to hatred and indifference. Life is short and time is running out. Is it too late for Rachel and Bud?

One of the two agents, who are on Feyatta's case. Their knowledge of time portals and time travelling is significant and their gear extremely hi-tech. Yet, despite all their gear and cunning, it is Bud, whom they seem to place their hope in. Time will tell if that was a wise choice or not.

One of the two agents, who are on Feyatta's case. Zark and Kraz explain to Bud, that Feyatta kidnaps people from all over the universe and from all periods of time. They are then placed in suspended animation and thus become part of his collection. If Bud does not save Rachel she will suffer the same fate.

The mysterious collector, whom Bud is chasing through time in order to save his beloved Rachel.